Return on Investment

Fluffy, fragrant, flimflam PR is a complete anathema. Instead, we specialise in crafting expertly written, on-point, crisp creative content for print and digital. The result is headline grabbing coverage, brand name mentions, click-throughs and outstanding ROI.

Content Analysis

The editorial armoury comprises well written new releases, company profiles, features, blogs, comments, op-eds and thought leadership analysis – all written by professional journalists and all on-message to help meet brand objectives.

The Intoxicating Power of Ideas

Whether it’s staging a photo-opportunity with a 6’4” cut-out figure of Roy of the Rovers and Edwina Currie to launch a sensible drinking initiative, broadcasting the European Champions League Final live from an exhibition stand in Montreal, or hiring a stretch limo to hold one-to-one media briefings with gambling industry editors for the launch of a new football-betting product  we believe that great ideas make great stories and ensure that our clients get noticed.


We use the mellifluous and percussive quality of words to create impactful headlines, persuasive body copy and effective CTA’s.

Gambling Industry Events

With a suite of leading gambling industry titles, global distribution and a team of expert journallists, SJC is the ideal partner to organise and host industry business events. The Casino Investors Congress Batumi is a case study of how we can take an idea, develop it in partnership with the client, market and execute it to the highest standards in order to meet agreed strategic and commercial objectives. Our turnkey service comprises:  Concept & Development, Marketing & Communications, Content and Organisation.