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By combining creative design with compelling copy we facilitate the transition from humdrum product to dynamic brand. But don’t take our word for it:  ‘The branding was insane! Our shows genuinely wouldn’t have come to life like they have without their world class design and event themes. The SJC creatives have resulted in significant increases in sponsorship and visitor NPS.’
James McGough, Managing Director, Technology, Clarion Events

Powering The Northern Tech Revolution

A celebration of Northern technological innovation, featuring a multi-faceted timeline montage beneath an imagined skyline created from the architectural heritage of powerful, proud cities. Produced as a single large-format artwork the creative, also has the capacity to enable the extraction of design elements for use across digital platforms and in-venue.

Together never felt so good

How do you preview the return of the world’s biggest gambling expo after a 2-year Covid -induced hiatus?  Create a 3-D representation of ICE as a bustling temple situated on the banks of the Thames, embellished with visual references to its celebrated history joined by the lyrical headline ‘Together never felt so good’. The creative was extended throughout the show with the headline becoming the drumbeat of the in-person experience.


The Pop-Art inspired design and onomatopoeic brand name captured the vibrancy of this Latin American targeted online lottery launch

Connected Campaigns

Unlike the majority of agencies SJC provides clients with an integrated design and PR service covering tactical, strategic, crisis and creative marketing connecting and amplifying the campaign message

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ICE London

A Great British success story, ICE attracts professional buyers from over 150 nations to ExCeL London. SJC has been responsible for delivering the show creatives every year since 2011 utilising epic themes including the 2015 Jules Verne inspired ‘Discover’ campaign.

The S&J team has a unique ability to connect the core brand message, with a strong emotive reach, ensuring ICE has a compelling consumer feel. This has helped develop the ICE brand into the most recognisable events and media platform in its class.

Stuart Hunter

Managing Director, Clarion Gaming

The branding was insane! Our shows genuinely wouldn’t have come to life like they have without the creatives. They have really elevated the experience courtesy of world class design and event themes that bring the brand to life resulting in significant increases in sponsorship and visitor NPS.

James McGough

Managing Director, Technology, Clarion Events

Capturing the Zeitgeist

Relocating T&C into the San Diego Convention Center represented a coming off age and an opportunity to take the brand to the next level. West Coast Cool was a celebration of the connections between Creativity, Culture, Commerce and California. With its own logo inspired by the experimental typography of San Diego University aluminus David Carson, West Coast Cool drew on the pillars of lifestyle, physical and environmental – explained through features, installations and tributes.

New Identity

The Payments Association wanted a new identity that reflected both constructive disruptors and traditionalists within the sector. It needed to be edgy and conventional, technological and traditional, as well as exciting and reliable. The solution was to create a clean crisp identity featuring a unique Payments Association typeface created by our designers.

S&J created an outstanding brand identity for The Payments Association, that reflects our ambitions, values and market position perfectly. They explain the thought process in detail at every step, taking all stakeholders including international ones through the logic carefully and thoughtfully. The result is a brand that projects our confidence and status. I’m also sure it will take the business to the next level.

Tony Craddock

Director General, The Payments Association

Juegos Miami

ICE - Step into the Future

EiG Berlin

ICE Africa

iGB Live