“Whilst the leak concerning debit cards has not been confirmed if accurate it will represent a devastating blow to us as a business and casts an ominous cloud over the future prospects of operators, suppliers and manufacturers alike. Prohibiting the use of debit cards in the land-based sector is wrong on a whole range of levels. It ignores the fact that the overwhelming majority of our customers play with us safely and responsibly. It also ignores all of the numerous undertakings made by Merkur UK in terms of safer gambling and the training of our staff, it ignores the importance of providing consumers with a choice of payment methods and it completely overlooks the fact that adult gaming centres will be the only premises on the high street that cannot provide payment by debit card. The concentration of cash on our premises in itself represents a security threat and places both customers and staff at an unnecessary risk. How can this be a Whitepaper for the future of regulated gambling if as the fintech industry predicts, the UK will be a cashless society within a decade? The UK pub sector is of particular concern. Having trialled various payment apps for close to 18-months the evidence does not suggest that players are comfortable with this as an alternative, and usage rates remain disappointing.  The government does not know what modern payment methods will look like in the future and if TiTO is part of the solution today it may not be the case in 5-years-time. If the speculation is accurate and the White Paper fails to recommend the use of debit cards it will represent a huge missed opportunity and one that will impact thousands of businesses and investment on the high street.”