Brand Audit

Brand Audits are a qualitative deep-dive into perceptions of the brand through the eyes of key stakeholder communities. They are conducted either face-to-face, via Zoom/Teams and can be undertaken either in groups or individually. We apply the Chatham House Rule to encourage an honest and candid response to key topics. We analyse the research findings to help create on-point campaigns that address weaknesses and develop creative solutions. They provide golden nuggets of insight and inspiration and the findings inform further brand development including the Value Proposition (VP) the creation of a Brand Manifesto of commitments, values and pledges as well as defining the brand hierarchy and visual language.


We also conduct larger sample size quantitative research including one of Social Gamers (6,130 respondents) and for Brighton & Hove Albion in support of its stadium planning application (1,026 respondents). Our research offering comprises qualitative and quantitative projects, customer satisfaction surveys, and focus groups.